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Asynchronous Olympics coverage

In today’s 24-hour news network world, do Olympics viewers care if they’re watching live events? No, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.* NBC packaged broadcasts so that it seemed as though matches and races were unfolding live before the viewing audience. Although this technique bombed in Sydney four years ago, TV viewership was up 13 […]

Social capital for the wealthy

CBS Marketwatch has some tips for ensuring the grandkids don’t blow their inheritance. According to the article, wealthy families can ensure the success of their offspring by taking steps to preserve both financial and social capital. If you’re wondering how you can build social capital (and maybe just all-round wealth), check out Entrepreneur’s tips. Far […]

Distribution key to marketing success

As I’ve mentioned in my last two entries, many people confuse marketing with communications, advertising and public relations. Any decent marketing strategy will include those promotions programs — and address product, price, and place decisions. “Place” or “distribution” is often over-looked by small businesses. This marketing “P” deals with putting the product in the customer’s […]

To market a product, build the product

In my last post, I noted that marketing means more than just communications. A friend sent me an InternetNews.com article on how blogs are set to destroy marketing as we know it. The article suggests that marketing departments will succumb to unfiltered blogging, since companies can syndicate communications to their customers, partners and employees. But […]

Marketing means more than marketing communications

For many small businesses, their first contact with marketing comes when they need a brochure, website, or trade journal ad. After finding a graphic designer, web developer, copywriter or marketing communications guru, these companies focus their marketing efforts on branding and messaging. In some cases, these companies are unaware of other marketing programs — and […]

New textbook features my business article

A business article I wrote for Realm Magazine will be featured in a Canadian university textbook. The article, which has been translated into French, outlines steps to writing a successful business plan, while telling the tale of a Calgary clothing manufacturer now known as Body Blocker Co. My 2-page article appears on pages 108-9, followed […]

Dairy Queen defends Moolatte

I recently received an email from International Dairy Queen’s director of product and brand marketing. Dairy Queen wanted to address my blog on Moolatte. According to Dairy Queen’s representative, “We love the MooLatte’ name and are having excellent success with the product. The name is not a play on words. The confusion seems to be […]