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How to send email without really spamming

Thinking of sending commercial email? Check the law before you click “send”. If your email turns out to be spam, you can face significant risks and penalties. By sending unwanted commercial email, you may annoy potential customers, losing sales and relationship opportunities. Email providers, such as Telus, Shaw or Yahoo may add you to their […]

RSS featured in My Yahoo! beta

The beta version of My Yahoo! features RSS feeds, allowing users to choose their own content. In the past, the My Yahoo! page offered a range of news, financial streams, comic, and web tools. The new portal turns My Yahoo! into a web-based RSS aggregator. RSS is an XML syndication technology, frequently used for syndicating […]

Market research counts for The Daily Show and Fox

Add this to your list of times when assumptions are knocked out by market research — viewers of Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart have more education and political knowledge than viewers of Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor. Daily Show viewers also report higher incomes. Bill O’Reilly recently called Jon Stewart’s viewers “stoned slackers”. His […]

Site note: individual posts now linkable

Just a quick note to say that I’ve added a new feature to my blog. Effective immediately, you can access any post on an individual page — this is handy for anyone seeking to link to an individual post. To pull up a post on a single page, just click on the corresponding header. Thanks […]

JPEGs pose security risk

For years, many Windows users have been exchanging pictures with friends and family, happily clicking away at JPEGs with the belief that they were virus-free. Today, Microsoft warned users that its JPEG-processing utilities have a security hole that allows hackers to run remote code. Ouch. Keep your computer safe — update your Windows sytem. Visit Microsoft’s […]

China opens to advertisers next year

China will open its doors to the world’s advertisers by 2005, says a Chinese government official. This will provide Canadian companies with better access to Chinese markets. I’ve been watching the Chinese market since I developed a set of “Exporting to Asia” factsheets for Agriculture Canada in the mid-1990s. I initially created the factsheets after noticing […]

Baghdad Blogger featured at Vancouver Film Fest

The Baghdad Blogger will be a guest at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival.* Known by the pseudonym Salam Pax (“Hello Peace”), the young Iraqi started an online diary in September 2002. His English blog detailed everything from his daily life to criticisms of the Iraqi government — an act that could have led to […]

Blogging conference planned for Vancouver

Interested in learning how a corporate blog can help your business grow? Check out Northern Voice, a Canadian blogging conference coming to Vancouver this February. Registration just opened and the first 25 people to sign up receive a free t-shirt. (c) 2004 by Andrea Coutu. Vancouver Marketing Consultant. All rights reserved.