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Hockey strike sends advertisers scrambling

The NHL hockey drought has advertisers scrambling, says the New York Times. Advertisters are at a loss when it comes to finding ways to connect with men, who tend not to tune to other shows in big numbers. They may want to take a hint from advertisers of products for teens and twentysomethings, who’ve learned […]

Numeracy counts in marketing

Marketers have lost credibility in recent years, says a story in The London Telegraph. And that’s because most marketers lack commercial skills, such as “tough-minded numeracy”, profit responsibility, financial analysis, and international business. But how many marketers have those skills? As an open career field, marketing has multiple entry points. Marketers do not complete a […]

Canadian firm chomps religious cheese sandwich

A Canadian gaming company handed over $28,000 today for a 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich purported to bear the Virgin Mary’s image. The company purchased the sandwich through an eBay auction that made headlines around the world. And it’s those headlines that likely prompted the company (which I’ll avoid naming) to make the bid. Google News […]

Fire your customers

Ars Technica claims Best Buy — which owns Future Shop — wants to fire 20 percent of its customers. Some of those customers buy products, cash in on rebates, return the products for refund, then buy them later, at discounted prices. Still others buy discounted loss leaders to resell on eBay. I’m surprised this hasn’t […]

Measuring the value of marketing

Wondering about your return on investment for marketing? Check out this Business Week article on marketing metrics. The article notes that many marketers casually toss around terms like lifetime value and ROI without any real understanding of their meaning or application. Often touted as creative types, many marketers resist using metrics for their marketing programs […]

Vancouver Olympics launches ambush counterstrike

The Vancouver Olympic Committee has moved strategically to secure advertising space for its official sponsors, reports The Vancouver Sun. Organizers hope to counter ambush marketing by competitors of sponsors. During the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Pepsi scooped Coke, an official sponsor and home town company, by locking up all available advertising. Likewise, Nike handed out banners […]