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Oh, Baby! Movies for Babies and Parents

Movies for Babies and Parents. As rewarding as raising children may be, new parents often lament their childfree days, when they could dash out to a movie at a moment’s notice. For many parents, a night out at the movies would be too expensive or guilt-ridden, given the need for a babysitter. Until their children […]

Reader’s Digest cops XPress Post

Yesterday, my husband received an envelope that looked very similar to what you would receive from a Canada Post “XPress Post” courier. The envelope had instructions for CPC — presumably Canada Post Corporation — to deliver the package in accordance with certain regulations, much like the disclaimers you see on the back of an XPress […]

Metcalfe’s Law errors explain dotcom bust

Looking for yet another explanation of the dot com bust? Metcalfe’s law is wrong, researchers Andrew Odlyzko and Benjamin Tilly claim. As I wrote last year, Metcalfe’s Law holds that a network’s value is the square of the size of a network.* If two people are connected by instant messenger, fax machines, or cell phones, […]

IT vs. Marketing: website management

A reader recently asked blogger Darren Barefoot about the folly of letting a company’s IT team manage a website, instead of the marketing team. Whether left to IT or marketing, a website can be tricky business — both departments are equally capable of disaster. The important thing is to have a clear business case and […]

Microsoft Office shortcuts

Via Jan Karslbjerg, some shortcuts for Microsoft Outlook. PC Magazine also has general shortcuts for the entire Microsoft Office suite. I was delighted to learn that, in Word, Shift-F3 changes the case of letters. And how have I gone so long without knowing that the Windows key will bring up the “Start” menu? (c) 2005 […]