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Do women have a 50% chance of being pregnant?

The New York Times reports that medical patients struggle with statistics. One patient, informed that she would either respond or not respond to a medication, asked if that meant she had a fifty percent chance of success. A Harvard statistician likens the confusion to the following scenario: “Either a woman is pregnant or not. She […]

Ask Locally, Find Locally

Vancouver’s Brooks Duncan recently launched Vancouver.AskLocally.com. Drawing from the comraderie of long-forgotten Usenet groups, Ask Locally allows locals to ask other locals for the skinny on everything from airfares to zoos. (c) 2005 by Andrea Coutu. Vancouver Marketing Consultant. All rights reserved.

Vancouver Dose, 24 Hours, Metro — sizing up

This past month, Vancouverites saw the launch of Dose, 24 Hours and Metro — three new daily newspapers. The short, snappy news coverage suits the attention span of commuters, although traditionalists might claim that these dailies are to news what Kraft Dinner is to Fettucine Alfredo. To be sure, some content in the new dailies […]

Finding ways around publication bans

Last December, I mentioned that The Vancouver Sun had run a story on a little girl poisoned by GHB her father had brought home from a party. Despite a publication ban on the family’s identity, The Sun provided enough details that anyone with a web connection or a knowledge of Kitsilano could identify the father. […]