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Site note: text-based page titles

Just a quick note to say this blog now uses text-based URLs. My magnificent developer has added a feature that automatically turns blog titles into URLs. Before, the blog entries were numbered. Those old entries and their permalinks still work. However, the new text-based URLs will make it easier for web surfers to understand the […]

Deceptive marketing law

A little ad copy never hurt anybody, right? Well, maybe not, but Tasers may have. So the company can no longer call its product “non-lethal”. Taser will change its product descriptions, as part of an effort to meet US deceptive marketing laws. Here, in Canada, companies are subject to the Competition Act, specifically part seven, […]

By popular demand: comments

Prompted by requests from several regular readers, I (er, um, my developer) have added comments to this blog. When I launched this blog almost two years ago, I was reluctant to include comment functionality. This was due to concerns about spam and inappropriate content. I still harbour these concerns. However, my developer — who handcoded […]

Bumvertising hits climb

On Tuesday, when I posted about “bumvertising”, Google had 18,600 hits for the word. As of now, Google returns 26,200 results. This just goes to show how publicity and viral marketing (mostly via blogs) can increase your exposure. Update: 36,600 hits on September 23, 2005 (c) 2005 by Andrea Coutu. Vancouver Marketing Consultant. All rights […]

PokerfaceBook bumvertising stunt

When a friend emailed me about an gambling community’s use of homeless people to advertise its site, I was skeptical. Pokerfacebook.com claims to hire homeless people to hold signs advertising its website. The site even calls this “bumvertising”, a term it claims to have trademarked. Tonight, The Daily Show featured a segment on the website […]

Site note: server back up

My server crashed last week. Despite several valiant attempts at reviving it, I (well, my tech) determined that a couple of components had fried. So I (the tech, to tell the truth) ported everything to an old machine. This should be okay for the short-term. Blogging will resume shortly. (c) 2005 by Andrea Coutu. Vancouver […]

Yahoo! News not to blame for captions

Per the question I asked in my last post, caption writers apparently meant no bias in describing New Orleans looters. Yahoo! News made a statement, noting that it accepts captions directly from wire services. The reporters from AFP and AP say they saw how the persons pictured acquired their items. The Associated Press said its […]