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Canadian Tire Guy’s secret life

The Canadian Tire Guy’s secret life is revealed in this Macleans piece Gill Gunson sent me. Macleans speculates that the Canadian Tire Guy is a high school geography teacher whose history of domestic bliss is precarious at best: “It can’t be easy, even for a fictional character, to have a mid-life crisis play out on […]

Legacy on Robson

Via HundredNorth, a real legacy on Robson: Robson Street’s an exclusive address, all right. By my counts, this is strike 2 for the Legacy on Robson billboard. When they originally put up the billboard — complete with URL — they didn’t bother to make sure their website was up. The grand opening for the condo […]

Consultant blogs — consult your blog strategy

Consultant blogs are still a minority in the wide world of blogs. Most consultants still aren’t blogging for business. But that may not be a bad thing. Blogger Mike McLaughlin says consultant blogs should be optional: “Even though anyone can have a blog running in minutes, that doesn’t mean everyone should.” McLaughlin’s right. Content is […]

179 Area Code and telemarketing

Ever Googled for an area code after seeing mysterious number on your call display? Darren Barefoot reports receiving telemarketing calls from a number that starts with 179. He’s traced the call to a security system call centre. But, if you try to look up the 179 area code in Google, you won’t find anything. That’s […]

Why press releases end with 30 or xxx

“Why do press releases end in -30-?” asked one of my fellow consultants this morning. Press releases (or news releases, depending on your preference) often finish with -30-, -END- or XXX. As a communications professional, my friend knew what -30- signalled, but was interested in finding out the reason for the shorthand. The tale handed […]

Vancouver company marketing via temporary tattoos

A Vancouver company has turned tattoos into marketing for its coffee. The company’s owners sport temporary tattoos of their logo and web address. When people comment on the tattoos, the entrepreneurs have the chance to strike up conversations about the company’s products. Temporary tattoos are clever. But the company also issued a news release, seeking […]