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Corporations that benefit from customers’ goodwill

As the start of the holiday shopping season approaches, we can expect some retailers to promote donations for food banks, needy families and other groups. In some cases, retailers act as donation points, provide resources to coordinate fundraising, or even make their own donations. However, some companies simply encourage shoppers to make full-price purchases of […]

Everything I Know about Business…

Wiley Canada sent me copy of Everything I Know about Business…I Learned from a Canadian, a book by Leonard Brody and David Raffa. Having finally had the time to review it, I’m impressed. Canada is a country of intrepid entrepreneurs, but we rarely hail the success of those people. Whether too shy, too self-deprecated or […]

Vision Vancouver needs to search engine optimize

Vision Vancouver, a contender in the upcoming Vancouver city council elections, needs to optimize its website for search engines. Plunk “Vision Vancouver” into Google, and you won’t have any luck. In comparison, Vancouver COPE and Vancouver NPA are tops in Google. As for the Vision Vancouver website, you’ll find it at VoteVision.ca. But I only […]