The secret behind Beware the Heat” is out. It’s a campaign for 7-Up, a PepsiCo beverage. I wasn’t bang on with my prediction that the ad was for Pepsi, but I got 90% of the way there with a guess for a PepsiCo drink.

I learned the news through an email I opted to receive. The call to action says, “Check it out. You have nothing to loose”. Nice, try, but the misspelling of “lose” and the two broken or painfully slow hyperlinks make me call this campaign a dud.

Furthermore, even though I signed up to receive news about the campaign, PepsiCo might want to check out my post on “how to email without really spamming”. If the direct email campaign finds its way to US recipients, the company may be in hot water over the lack of information about the sender.

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