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Vancouver business plan writer – tips for hiring

Vancouver business plan writers – with so many choices available, you may be wondering how to go about hiring someone to write your business plan. Consider the following questions before you hand over your cheque. Note: If you’re looking to hire someone to write your business plan, email me, call 604-345-7942 or see my company. Questions […]

Principles of independent consulting

The Expert Consultant’s Manifesto from my other blog at Consultant Journal. (c) 2011 by Andrea Coutu. Vancouver Marketing Consultant. All rights reserved.

More Vancouver marketing consultant resources

Andrea Coutu has grown her Vancouver marketing consulting business, which has rebranded as Trustmode Marketing. You may want to check out several blog posts there, including tips for hiring a Vancouver marketing consultant. (c) 2010 by Vancouver marketing consultant Trustmode Marketing. All rights reserved.

Andrea Coutu has rebranded as Trustmode Marketing

As of August 2009, I’ve rebranded as Trustmode Marketing. My new corporate identity better reflects the growth my business has seen in recent years. While I remain the principal consultant, I’m no longer the only person working on projects and it makes sense to take my name out of the business. Moreover, my new firm’s […]

Marketing at the door

This morning, I was out running errands. I decided to stop by a new store I’d been meaning to check out. I had a very specific purchase in mind and I was ready to hand over about $150 if they could meet my needs. I could see that the lights were on, so I pulled […]

Social media – how much time to spend on it?

Social media has come a long way since I first blogged about social networking in 2004. Recently I’ve been considering how much time to spend marketing on social media sites, especially now that they’re becoming popular. I’ve noticed that some of my peers spend hours keeping various social media communities apprised of business news. But […]

H&M “nurse in” – a marketing view

Today, I showed up at the H&M nurse in, a peaceful event designed to draw awareness to the status of breastfeeding as a human right in BC. At least 100 people attended the event. H&M said nothing. No PR person greeted the crowd. Store staff only came by to ask that no photos be taken. […]

Constant Contact spamming Google?

Constant Contact, an online campaign management service company, may be spamming Google “obviously actively trying to own rankings for their name”, according to Darren Barefoot. Apparently, Constant Contact has set up several domains to redirect to their site. Is this spamming? Should it be considered spamming? The challenge is that Constant Contact may argue that […]