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Soapopular doesn’t want me to buy Soapopular soap

Almost two months ago, a neighbour showed me her Soapopular foaming hand sanitizer, which is alcohol-free. She told me she had bought the Soapopular soap at Shoppers Drug Mart. I trekked to three or four Shoppers stores, as well as a few other department stores, but couldn’t find the product. The Soapopular website’s front page […]

Want some free advice?

I get a ton of emails from students and new consultants who want to know if I can help them become a marketing consultant. Some people even work in other fields, like graphic design or even IT consulting. I do not have time to respond to these requests. However, I do run Become a Consultant […]

BC Place roof collapses for second time

BC Place’s roof has collapsed for a second time. Back in the 1980s, the host of a CBC TV show called Switchback caused a bit of an uproar when he showed footage of the domed roof deflating. Of course, it was later revealed that Switchback was playing the inflation of the dome backwards. Nice hoax. […]

Guy’s night out

While shopping at Park Royal Village this weekend, I noticed that Lulu Lemon was advertising a “guys’ shopping night”. Snacks, sports, drinks and gift wrapping. It sounds like a great way to lure guys into a small shop full of spandex-like clothing — somewhere you wouldn’t normally find men. Clever target marketing. (c) 2006 by […]

Interested in consulting?

Every week, I receive emails from people who want to become consultants. They often ask to meet with me so that they can learn about the success I’ve had as an independent consultant. Because of my success — on both the business and family front — I don’t have time to meet with people any […]

Vancouver cafe understands marketing

The Blue Edge Organic Cafe in Coal Harbour really understands marketing. The Blue Edge has a good understanding of its target market and has created a whole product to meet the needs of that market. Situated at the foot of Nicola Street, adjacent to the Coal Harbour Community Centre, the cafe has stunning views of […]

Ads on this blog

After much debate, I’ve decided to introduce ads on this blog. The content of this blog falls outside that of my general marketing consulting site. Most of the people reading it are interested in the blog content, as opposed to marketing consulting services. So I see this as separate from the rest of the website. […]

Don’t forget your name

Today, I was in a mall. Someone had put up a new poster, outlining the many dishes available at a new restaurant. The poster included pictures of all the foods, along with prices. But there was no restaurant name or any suggestion of where one could partake of these delicacies! Make sure you include your […]