Is anyone as annoying as Dr. Phil and his wife Robin? Apparently the Body Break couple could use a break. “Canada’s answer to Dr. Phil would have to be Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod,” writes Shannon McKinnon in the Williams Lake Tribune (Google cache of Bodybreak article.)

McKinnon accuses the Bodybreak duo — Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod — of “popping up, uninvited, to interrupt our otherwise perfectly slothful evenings”.Give us a break from Bodybreak, pleads McKinnon. “I watch them to see if they’re getting fat…What would happen if they did let themselves go? Say Joanne put on a couple hundred pounds and Hal turned into an alcoholic?…I think I would like them better.”

Could the Bodybreak couple be teetering on marketing disaster, about to suffer the fate of Canadian Tire Guy? As the Most Irritating Canadian, Canadian Tire Guy has suffered the fate of a cancelled campaign. But I doubt we’ll see the Bodybreak marketing dynasty fade away anytime soon. They’ve built an empire since their Participaction funding first arrived — they’ve branded everything from food to treadmills. And they’ve surely fine-tuned their grant-writing proposals and government negotiation skills. Johnson and McLeod are here to stay, assuming they don’t start chowing down on cheeseburgers!

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