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What is Viral Marketing and the Barcadi Liver Ad

What is Viral Marketing? Viral marketing is what marketers use to gain publicity through existing social networks. Achieved through word-of-mouth contact, viral marketing spreads quickly — like a virus. Right now, Bacardi Live Radio is hot on the viral marketing scene, as rum and music fans forward news of the site to one another. Cool […]

The business cost of illiteracy

Today’s Globe and Mail (decaying link) offers a story on college graduates who can’t read. More than half of students at US colleges and at least three-quarters of students at junior colleges “lack the literacy to handle complex, real-life tasks such as understanding credit card offers”. As scary as those results are for colleges, they’re […]

Blooker Prize calls for entrants

Hot on the heels of the Booker Prize comes the Blooker Prize. According to the folks at self-publisher Lulu.com, a blooker is what you get when you turn a blog into a book. The prize recognizes blooks in three categories: fiction, non-fiction, and web-comics. The overall winners will receive up to $2,000 — “in addition […]

Yahoo Answers member

As part of my blog, I’ll occasionally be answering questions from Yahoo Answers. Visit Yahoo! Answers (c) 2005 by Andrea Coutu. Vancouver Marketing Consultant. All rights reserved.

Advertising rip-offs

Via BoingBoing, here’s a French site that compares original ads with knock-offs. Do great minds think alike or do they just tear the same ads out of magazines? (c) 2005 by Andrea Coutu. Vancouver Marketing Consultant. All rights reserved.

Vancouver Sun phone number

Want The Vancouver Sun phone number? For reasons unknown to me, people keep visiting my site in search of The Vancouver Sun‘s phone number. You’ll find it here. (c) 2005 by Andrea Coutu. Vancouver Marketing Consultant. All rights reserved.

BC Business Service Centre – Small Business BC

The BC Business Services Centre aka Small Business BC provides a wealth of information for BC, Vancouver and Lower Mainland business owners. Over the years, I’ve made dozens of trips to the BC Business Services Centre. The Cordova Street offices offer a business library, seminars, coaching and many one-stop business registration resources. Run by Small […]

Small business resources in Vancouver

Vancouver small businesses are growing by leaps and bounds. The following small business resources can help you start and grow a Vancouver company. These are just a few of the many information sources for Vancouver firms. Small Business BC Small business links from Vancouver Public Library BC Business Services Society Canada Business Small business resources […]

Starbucks coffee cup on roof of car

Starbucks strikes again with its red cup campaign for the holiday season. The coffee chain famously serves up beverages in red cups during December. Billboard ads point us to a high tech advent calendar at www.theredcup.com In the US, TV ads follow the plight of red cups and Starbucks has hired taxis to drive around […]

Vancouver GMAT prep courses

Vancouver GMAT prep course provider Veritas Prep has taken me on as an instructor. I’m teaching the verbal section of the GMAT, the international admissions test for MBA programs. In January, I plan to teach the quantitative section, too. Teaching has been a long-time passion for me. Earlier this year, I completed an instructor training […]