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Business Plan Vancouver-style | Choosing a business plan consultant

Business Plan Vancouver-style. Looking for help with your business plan? Follow these tips.   Ask about the business plan consultant’s background. How long have they been writing business plans? Do they only work with small and micro businesses? In what industries have they worked? Is most of their work simply with entrepreneurs looking to get […]

Marketing – Credibility Matters

Credibility counts. It’s what makes clients, the public, even friends and family get on board with your ideas and offerings. It’s what makes people trust in not just what you say – but whether you deliver. And, for business and organizations, it’s increasingly important to managing stakeholders, whether they’re clients, partners or investors.   Credibility […]

Marketing – Making Connections

Marketing – it’s a term popularly misunderstood. Ask a group of people what marketing means and most will tell you it’s about advertising or, these days, social media. And, sure, marketing includes both of those.   Building credible connections But, at its core, marketing is about connecting buyers to sellers. It isn’t about pushing anything […]

Vancouver business plan writer – tips for hiring

Vancouver business plan writers – with so many choices available, you may be wondering how to go about hiring someone to write your business plan. Consider the following questions before you hand over your cheque. Note: If you’re looking to hire someone to write your business plan, email me, call 604-345-7942 or see my company. Questions […]

More Vancouver marketing consultant resources

Andrea Coutu has grown her Vancouver marketing consulting business, which has rebranded as Trustmode Marketing. You may want to check out several blog posts there, including tips for hiring a Vancouver marketing consultant. (c) 2010 by Vancouver marketing consultant Trustmode Marketing. All rights reserved.

Marketing at the door

This morning, I was out running errands. I decided to stop by a new store I’d been meaning to check out. I had a very specific purchase in mind and I was ready to hand over about $150 if they could meet my needs. I could see that the lights were on, so I pulled […]

Constant Contact spamming Google?

Constant Contact, an online campaign management service company, may be spamming Google “obviously actively trying to own rankings for their name”, according to Darren Barefoot. Apparently, Constant Contact has set up several domains to redirect to their site. Is this spamming? Should it be considered spamming? The challenge is that Constant Contact may argue that […]

Handvertising — advertising on hands

Via my inbox, I received a news release on something called “handvertising”. According to HandvertisingUSA: Handvertising USA is transforming the way advertisers are looking at your skin, more specifically your hands. “Almost everyone has been to a county fair, swap meet, bar or club and had had their hand stamped for proof of entry. We […]

Marketing consultant -become a consultant

Become a marketing consultant — if you’re interested in becoming a marketing consultant, I’d like to refer you to my Become a Consultant blog at Consultant Journal. I’m inundated with requests for advice from people who want to become marketing consultants. Because I don’t have time to provide individual responses, I decided to share my […]

Vancouver’s Robson|Granville Future Shop billboard

Have you seen the new digital billboards in Vancouver on the Future Shop building at Robson and Granville? The City of Vancouver changed the billboard bylaw about two years ago, allowing digital billboards in Vancouver. Vancouver’s no Times Square, but these new billboards may mark a shift in the way Vancouverites receive marketing messages. (c) […]