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Marketing – Credibility Matters

Credibility counts. It’s what makes clients, the public, even friends and family get on board with your ideas and offerings. It’s what makes people trust in not just what you say – but whether you deliver. And, for business and organizations, it’s increasingly important to managing stakeholders, whether they’re clients, partners or investors.   Credibility […]

Marketing – Making Connections

Marketing – it’s a term popularly misunderstood. Ask a group of people what marketing means and most will tell you it’s about advertising or, these days, social media. And, sure, marketing includes both of those.   Building credible connections But, at its core, marketing is about connecting buyers to sellers. It isn’t about pushing anything […]

In defence of public school education

The Vancouver Sun has an article on how public schools are outranking private schools in academic performance. Given all the hoopla about public education this year, I feel compelled to share my own experience as a parent in the Vancouver school district, #39. My son, who’s in a first grade Vancouver public school class, is […]

Yahoo! News not to blame for captions

Per the question I asked in my last post, caption writers apparently meant no bias in describing New Orleans looters. Yahoo! News made a statement, noting that it accepts captions directly from wire services. The reporters from AFP and AP say they saw how the persons pictured acquired their items. The Associated Press said its […]

Picture postcards of New Orleans sinking

Bias in the media. I can only hope that the caption writers saw these people obtain their food. Picture 1: young man of colour wading through New Orleans flood waters and holding a box of pop. Associated Press caption reads “A young man walks through chest deep flood water after looting a grocery store in […]

Vancouver and BC toy library resources

As holiday commercialism continues at full tilt, The Westender calls for a Vancouver toy library — a community resource where children and parents can borrow toys. Many years ago, my third grade teacher, May Mossey, operated a toy library at Fairview Elementary School. Regardless of family income, children and their parents could borrow toys, including […]