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Vancouver business coaching – the how and the why

Do you find yourself struggling with getting results? Feeling overwhelmed? Lacking focus? Unsure where to put your time and money? Not entirely sure how you got here or where to go next? You’re not alone. Building a career, running a business and being in leadership take a lot of energy. Turning to a business coach […]

Business Plan Vancouver-style | Choosing a business plan consultant

Business Plan Vancouver-style. Looking for help with your business plan? Follow these tips.   Ask about the business plan consultant’s background. How long have they been writing business plans? Do they only work with small and micro businesses? In what industries have they worked? Is most of their work simply with entrepreneurs looking to get […]

Marketing – Credibility Matters

Credibility counts. It’s what makes clients, the public, even friends and family get on board with your ideas and offerings. It’s what makes people trust in not just what you say – but whether you deliver. And, for business and organizations, it’s increasingly important to managing stakeholders, whether they’re clients, partners or investors.   Credibility […]

Breakeven calculators

Knowing your breakeven point can help you set a price for your products. This breakeven calculator from Case Western University simplifies the process — just enter costs, quantities and prices and let the online calculator do the work for you. (c) 2006 by Andrea Coutu. Vancouver Marketing Consultant. All rights reserved.

Tax time and switching costs

As February approaches, prepare for the onslaught of T4s, T5s, and tax software ads. You don’t need to submit your taxes until April 30th, but makers of tax software will be out in full force. A quick glance at the market reveals that switching costs shape the field. Quicktax recently sent me some direct mail, […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers

Looking to make some New Year’s resolutions for your marketing programs? ClickZ suggests seven ways for marketers to ring in 2005. It comes down to driving and tracking traffic, testing your marketing campaigns, focusing on customers, trying new programs, ensuring customer privacy, scheduling campaigns, and modeling customer lifetime value. However, no matter what resolutions you […]

Women’s razor shows shift in men’s market

Gillette’s new vibrating razors for women may seem like just another power play. Everyone knows that the real money is in the razor blades, not the razors. But the real news is in Gillette’s decision to price the Venus Vibrance razors at the same level as the much hyped Mach 3 Power series for men. […]

Santa, the master marketer

Santa knows marketing. Formerly a European saint, Santa branched into the gift market in 1804, through a partnership with the New York Historical Society. Working with society member Washington Irving in 1809, Santa managed to gain notoriety through mention in a history of New York, an annual banquet, and several anecdotes. Before long, everyone knew […]

Hockey strike sends advertisers scrambling

The NHL hockey drought has advertisers scrambling, says the New York Times. Advertisters are at a loss when it comes to finding ways to connect with men, who tend not to tune to other shows in big numbers. They may want to take a hint from advertisers of products for teens and twentysomethings, who’ve learned […]

Numeracy counts in marketing

Marketers have lost credibility in recent years, says a story in The London Telegraph. And that’s because most marketers lack commercial skills, such as “tough-minded numeracy”, profit responsibility, financial analysis, and international business. But how many marketers have those skills? As an open career field, marketing has multiple entry points. Marketers do not complete a […]