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Business plan writing in Vancouver

Business plan writing in Vancouver — at least the good kind — can be hard to come by. Many writers offer this service, but may not have the technical, product, research, investment and financial skills and background to support a company through the process. Even for the most entry-level firms, having a trusted advisor who […]

Consultant blog provides business boost

Consultants have much to gain from blogging for business. Calgary’s Rhona-Mae Arca is a great example. After much encouragement (nagging) from me, Arca added a blog to the website for her music consulting business, Musespeak. Six months later, she’s increased her website traffic — “I had to upgrade my web hosting program for more bandwidth!” […]

UFile – Quicktax Comparison

Ufile or Quicktax — I compared these software packages last year at tax time. April’s sneaking up on me again and it’s time to figure out how I’ll do my 2005 taxes. I’m leaning toward working with the accountant I hired last year after a major project put my do-it-yourself accounting plans in flux. Can […]

Why press releases end with 30 or xxx

“Why do press releases end in -30-?” asked one of my fellow consultants this morning. Press releases (or news releases, depending on your preference) often finish with -30-, -END- or XXX. As a communications professional, my friend knew what -30- signalled, but was interested in finding out the reason for the shorthand. The tale handed […]

Don’t email anyone under 30

Only old people use email, according to a new survey by Pew Internet and American Life Project. Teens say email is fine for discussions with their parents and institutions, but all the cool kids are using instant messaging (IM) these days. While most teens still use email, half of those surveyed said they IM daily, […]

RFID target marketing hits Seattle

Awarea, a Seattle startup, will launch target marketing via radio frequency identification (RFID) next week. People carrying special keyfobs will trigger broadcasts from six RFID reader stations atop Qwest phone booths in the downtown area. Depending on their unique profiles, passersby will receive personalized messages about special offers from Amex, Columbia Records, Omaha Steaks and […]

Fear, Greed & the Corporate Blog

Are fear and greed the motivations for corporate blogging? Corante’s Many 2 Many group thinks so. The article claims that fearful companies sue, distract or avoid blogs and bloggers. In comparison, enlighted companies turn to blogs and bloggers as a source of competitive advantage. By leveraging innovation, these firms edge out the competition, in a […]

Metcalfe’s Law errors explain dotcom bust

Looking for yet another explanation of the dot com bust? Metcalfe’s law is wrong, researchers Andrew Odlyzko and Benjamin Tilly claim. As I wrote last year, Metcalfe’s Law holds that a network’s value is the square of the size of a network.* If two people are connected by instant messenger, fax machines, or cell phones, […]