Consultants have much to gain from blogging for business. Calgary’s Rhona-Mae Arca is a great example. After much encouragement (nagging) from me, Arca added a blog to the website for her music consulting business, Musespeak.

Six months later, she’s increased her website traffic — “I had to upgrade my web hosting program for more bandwidth!” She’s also achieved first-place and top five listings for targeted keywords in search engines. She adds that the blog forces her to write regularly — “and gives me something to look forward to doing, unlike bookkeeping.” She adds that writing a regular blog “keeps me on my toes”, since she has to stay on top of developments in her field.

You might not think of piano teachers as being first movers when it comes to technology. But Arca is proof that using a blog to help support and implement your marketing strategy can deliver real business rewards. I, too, was skeptical about business blogs once upon a time, but fortunately changed my mind.

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