Ideas for email marketing from a Vancouver marketing consultant.

Email marketing tips can help your marketing programs stand out. People like to buy from people they know, like and trust. The trick with email marketing is to make your marketing campaign work hard to build the tenets of that relationship.

To build credibility through copywriting, marketers use several techniques:

  • Straight-forward language – tell it like it is. People don’t trust jargon.
  • Back up your points. Link your company’s accomplishments to its promises.
  • Note awards, ratings, rankings and press on your company. Trusted third parties do more to build your credibility than your own statements ever can.
  • Provide testimonials from your customers, partners and the media. People are more likely to trust you if other people are willing to put their name beside yours.
  • Show your track record. Tell people how many customers and products you have. Note how many years you’ve been in business.
  • Tie in internal statistics. If you still have your first customer, still sell your original product, or just signed your 5000th customer, let people know.

    Next time, I’ll point out how marketers build credibility through graphic design.

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