Wiley Canada sent me copy of Everything I Know about Business…I Learned from a Canadian, a book by Leonard Brody and David Raffa. Having finally had the time to review it, I’m impressed. Canada is a country of intrepid entrepreneurs, but we rarely hail the success of those people. Whether too shy, too self-deprecated or simply underfunded, Canadians have had little to say about their business leaders.

Everything I Need to Know… tells the stories of more than a dozen Canadians who’ve succeeded in business. Brand names like Jim Pattison and Leonard Asper join successful, but less-known figures like Terry McBride (Nettwerk Music) and Joel Cohen (producer of The Simpsons). In an interesting but effective twist, Moshe Safdie, renowned architect, shows up to provide advice on organizational design.

The book can seem a bit dry, text-heavy and cramped at times. However, it highlights tales we Canadians rarely hear. Canadian entrepreneurs often say that, if you can make it in Canada’s frigid business climate, you can make it anywhere. This book shows just how that happens.

Proceeds from the book go to Junior Achievement

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