Do you Google?

Google offers its own informative guide to Google features. You can learn how to search images, street maps, “free stuff”, and news headlines — or use Google as a calculator, dictionary, or phone book. Just this month, Google introduced localized searching, although this feature is not yet available in Canada.


The library at UC Berkley also offers a guide to using Google for research.* More and more people turn to search engines when researching markets, products, companies, and technologies.

However, remember that Google and other search engines provide access to just a narrow avenue of information. Books, journals, newspapers, directories, and library resources can often provide better data, as SFU’s head librarian laments.*And research — whether on the web or via traditional means — can pose a big investment of your time and patience. If you’re looking for a Vancouver market researcher who’s familiar with online and traditional research resources, please drop me a line.

*Link expired