Until a few weeks ago, I thought blogs were narcissistic. But, after coming across some business and technology blogs, I now realize that a blog means more than a personal diary. According to Ask Yahoo, blogs are date-driven comments about the Web. And the lead editor at Diarist.net* urges,”A person who keeps a diary or journal online is logging their life, not the web, no matter how they get their words out.”


In general, my blog will be more like individual posts on Slashdot and less like a modern-day The Diary of Samuel Pepys. That being said, it may be some time before I have replies and nested threads. For now, I’ll just experiment with my single-user posts…
Update (June 7, 2006):
I’m now a huge fan of business blogging. I recently launched the Become a Consultant blog at ConsultantJournal.com, due to the requests for consulting information I receive from my AndreaCoutu.com site visitors.


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*Link since expired