When a friend emailed me about an gambling community’s use of homeless people to advertise its site, I was skeptical. Pokerfacebook.com claims to hire homeless people to hold signs advertising its website. The site even calls this “bumvertising”, a term it claims to have trademarked. Tonight, The Daily Show featured a segment on the website and its unorthodox tactic. But I remain skeptical. It seems more likely to me that “bumvertising” is actually a publicity ploy. The term, which some may find offensive, is sure to capture the attention of the media and the public. Already circulating as a forwarded email story, “bumvertising” now has 18,600 hits on Google. After tonight’s Daily Show coverage, this number will only grow. In fact, as the Daily Show went to commercial, I noticed that Pokerfacebook.com’s site slowed under the strain of traffic from the US West Coast. It’s possible the firm hired some homeless people, but it was probably as a publicity stunt, not as a foray into a new advertising concept. As a publicity stunt, though, the concept should work wonders. 18,601 (counting mine) hits in Google won’t hurt anyone.

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