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Andrea Coutu, MBA

Vancouver Marketing Consultant

Not quite the same.

People trust marketers LESS than lawyers, bank executives, journalists and real estate agents. Public relations executives have taken over from estate agents as the professionals the public trust least. Fewer than 20% of people say the paid representatives of a company are credible sources of information.

And, when people think marketing, they often think of "all style, no substance". Flakes, fluff, and eye candy. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Marketing is as much an art as a science. Part intuition, part analysis.

Most marketers are heavily skewed toward communications or straight sales. Great concepts or great numbers. But rarely both.

Then there’s me. I’m not quite the same. I’m all about the message, the numbers, and the plan to get there — with a little passion and the requisite qualifications.

"I have worked with Andréa in two separate companies and was amazed by the reach and scope of her knowledge, research ability, and intelligence. One of the most well-read, well-informed people I know, who is always willing to share this knowledge. She brings outstanding dedication and drive to every area of expertise she espouses and these are many. "

- Sue Andrews
Technical Information Designer
Kodak Graphics Communications Group
& Former Manager, Technical Communications
Selkirk Financial Technologies Inc.

"While working with a national insurance company, I contracted Andréa to provide market insight, research and analysis critical to the marketing strategy for expansion, product development, and focusing on new lines of business. Andréa was quick, knowledgeable, thorough and professional and showed a great command of analysis and strategy."

- Liz Gaige
Market Navigators Inc.

"In the 12 years that we’ve worked together, Andrea has never ceased to amaze me for her insight and thorough understanding of the marketplace. Along with her boundless ideas, energy and wit, she brings fresh perspectives to each project. The end result is campaigns that get noticed and that get a return well above and beyond expectations."

- Odette Hidalgo
Gravity Inc.

"“I have worked with Andréa in a number of capacities since 1994. During that time, we have collaborated primarily on the development of career and business-related content designed both for print and web. Andrea is not only an excellent writer, editor and business strategist, she is also extremely reliable and will always get the job done on time, if not well ahead of deadline.”

Lisa Manfield
Ahnsu Consulting Group

"“When we decided to take our BC franchise national, we knew Andréa Coutu would be part of the process. Since we’re a small company, it’s essential that we outsource expert advice. We’ve called upon Andréa for her marketing and business expertise at several stages of growth over the last three years. The results have always exceeded our expectations. Andrea has definitely become our “go-to” person for business and marketing advice.”

Melanie Osmack
Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness Inc.

""I’ve worked with Andréa on numerous projects for well over 10 years and have always admired her depth of knowledge, thoughtful methodology and results-driven approach. As a marketing consultant, researcher and writer, she has always delivered high quality work on time, on budget and, perhaps most importantly, right on target. She also just happens to be a lovely person who makes a great addition to a project team."

Elisa Hendricks
Managing Director
Midlyn Day Communications

"“Andréa fully understands how to add marketing value to any company that desires start-up and growth strategies. I first crossed paths with Andréa when she worked in communications at Fincentric and over the years have seen her expand her own business through first rate industry knowledge and hard work.”

Erin Kingston
Principal, Lumino IQ
Former VP, Marketing for Fincentric Corporation