It’s tax time again, and, like a lemming, I picked up a copy of Quicktax. I’ve been using it for 5 or 6 years. Before that, I used Cantax. But, at some point, Cantax wasn’t available or Quicktax had a better price — I can’t remember. All I know is that now I’m a loyal Quicktax user — I don’t even shop around, which is unusual for me. I’m happy with the product, the help files, and the support telecentre. But I’m not sure I’m getting enough value to justify the higher price. I might check out other products — even a tax shack — next year. I’m not convinced Quicktax maker Inuit innovates enough to justify charging $80 for the small business / investor package. In a not entirely unrelated story, The Wall Street Journal considers Microsoft’s hefty US$45 price tag. While my MS Windows software packages pose switching costs that, so far, have maintained my Microsoft loyalty, I do have fewer ties to Quicktax. I suspect that a good advertising campaign and a one-time deep discount on a competing tax product would be enough to woo me.

Update: Quicktax Ufile Comparison
Comparing Quicktax and Ufile? My post has lots of comments about these tax products.

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