If you go by marketing textbooks, marketing is the act of connecting buyers to sellers. Still, it’s amazing how often I see a marketing piece that misses that point completely. People forget to put their phone number, email, sales form or other important details into their marketing, meaning buyers have no way to follow up easily with the seller.


I’m reminded of a situation I faced many years ago, where I arrived at a store to find all the lights out but no information about when they’d be open again. I posted about it at the time, noting that it’s important to give customers information about how to get hold of you. That holds for brick-and-mortar companies just as easily as it does when you’re selling online or over the phone.


People most often do business with organizations they trust. Marketing offers a good way to establish that trust. It takes about seven attempts at getting your offering in front of a consumer before they buy – more when it’s a B2B client. Putting your contact information in your advertising helps establish that trust. It also makes it easier for clients to contact you.


And if you’ve got a client or customer who’s interested enough to contact you, be sure to make that happen. So check all your marketing material for your contact information before you hit submit, publish or print.