Do you find yourself struggling with getting results? Feeling overwhelmed? Lacking focus? Unsure where to put your time and money? Not entirely sure how you got here or where to go next? You’re not alone. Building a career, running a business and being in leadership take a lot of energy. Turning to a business coach in Vancouver or online can help.

Why business coaching?

A business coach can help bring focus and insight, while supporting you in making decisions. By taking an external viewpoint and being on task to help you grow in making informed, strategic decisions, a coach ads value to your business and your career.

Choosing coaching instead of just friends, mentors and advisors

Perhaps you find yourself asking friends and colleagues for advice. You may find you’ve outgrown the advisors and trusted confidants who have helped you get this far. Maybe you’ve tried mentor programs, entrepreneurship programs and government programs, but still feel stuck. It’s not unusual for entrepreneurs and leaders to need different advisors as they grow. In fact, true leaders often struggle with getting advice from those around them because they just don’t think or respond the same way. People in leadership have a perspective and way of thinking that sets them apart. So trying to get guidance from someone who’s had the same job for 15 years or who works in a government entrepreneurship role with limited leadership or business experience may not get you what you want.

Business coaching by stage

Business coaching makes sense at every stage, but the help you need may change over time. You may find that business coach in Vancouver or online. Consider the following:

Startup Coaching

  • Help with planning, strategic positioning and implementation
  • Writing, planning and reviewing business plans
  • Guide research and decisions


Reboot Transition

  • Find out what’s holding you back
  • Set goals and outline next steps
  • Provide a safe space for tough decisions
  • Look at what building a legacy means
  • Build new opportunities and connections


Scale Up

  • Review business plans and leadership developmental goals
  • Consider what resources, people and tools you’ll need to grow
  • Help use plain language to explain what bankers, investors, lessors, key hires, and other stakeholders want from you

Your needs from a coach may change over time, but a key consideration is fit. Working with someone who really gets you and can help establish trust is critical. It’s just as important, though, to have a coach who actually has experience. Someone who’s never run a business, been in a true leadership role, or had to innovate probably won’t have the background to help you through business decisions. While fit is important, that fit should include having the experience, training, education and insight to help you grow.

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