Several people have asked me about Vancouver MBA programs. Accredited, recognized MBA programs in Vancouver include:

  • Simon Fraser University (SFU) Executive MBA for seasoned managers
  • SFU Global Asset & Wealth Management MBA
  • SFU Management of Technology MBA
  • SFU Specialist MBA
  • Queen’s Executive MBA

    Many people have asked me to explain why I chose the SFU Executive MBA over other programs. My reasons:

    A real classroom with real people. Some other MBA programs are delivered through television monitors, meaning classmates and professors are scattered across the country. In distance programs, you only meet people “online”. In comparison, with the SFU EMBA, I shared classes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks with students and professors who live in my city.

    Experienced participants. My classmates had a minimum of six years of management experience. The average age was 37. Most MBA programs only require students to have two years of experience. It’s a lot easier to discuss business issues, such as mergers or sales fluctuations, if your classmates can speak from experience, not a textbook.

    Professors with practical experience. As Canada’s first EMBA program, SFU has pioneered executive education. EMBA professors have real world experience — my professors’ past titles include CFO, venture capital firm owner, IT consultant, management consultant, product manager, and HR manager. And, unlike many universities, SFU hires professors with both research AND teaching abilities.

    Work and learn format. SFU’s EMBA requires participants to work full-time during the program. This meant I could continue consulting and use my “real” work in assignments. Rather than waiting two years to test what I’d learned, I was able to try new concepts right away. (Yet the SFU EMBA is designated full-time, so you’re still getting an immersive experience with full-time tax incentives.)

    Reputation. As a five-time winner in the annual Maclean’s university rankings, SFU has a solid reputation. I felt distance and private MBA programs could not offer the same credibility.

    Return on investment. I analyzed program costs and anticipated career gains. In my case, SFU won out.

    Of course, the decision to pursue an MBA, let alone a specific MBA, is personal. The factors I considered may or may not apply to your situation. However, if you’re considering a Vancouver MBA program, ask potential programs about their classroom, participants, professors, work/learn opportunities, and potential return on investment. As for reputation, ask people you trust — not the school.

    (c) 2004 by Andrea Coutu. Vancouver Marketing Consultant. All rights reserved.