Gillette’s new vibrating razors for women may seem like just another power play. Everyone knows that the real money is in the razor blades, not the razors. But the real news is in Gillette’s decision to price the Venus Vibrance razors at the same level as the much hyped Mach 3 Power series for men.

This price equality could mark a new era for women’s grooming products and services. In the past, marketers have elevated prices for women’s grooming products, claiming women will pay a premium for such products. That’s why women have traditionally paid more for hair cuts, drycleaning, and personal grooming products. But, according to a marketing firm cited in the article, today’s women only fork over cash when they see a tangible reason to do so.

Still, this new price equality may have more to do with a shift in men’s attitudes. Men frequent hair stylists, spas, manicurists, and cosmetic surgeons. They buy an array of fragrances, gels, mousses, hair highlights, and teeth whiteners. Gone are the days of mere Brylcreem and Old Spice. As a result, Gillette may not be cutting prices for women’s razors, but instead pushing up prices for men’s grooming products. Male vanity is no longer left to peacocks. Stay tuned for new campaigns for marketing to men.

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