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The Bachelor showcases BC tourism

The Bachelor in BC? I stumbled across this news release while reviewing some market research studies on the BC Tourism website. Vancouver and Whistler will appear in next week’s episode of The Bachelor. Byron, the bachelor, will bring a date to Vancouver for a rooftop dinner at the Hotel Vancouver and a stop at the […]

Technology diffusion expert dies

Everett M. Rogers, a pioneer in research into how and why people adopt new technologies, has died at age 73. Best known for developing his Diffusion of Innovations theory, Rogers published 30 books and more than 500 articles. He applied his research to health communication projects around the world, often inspiring people interested in marketing […]

Bodybreak couple’s secret revealed

Do you know Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod from those Bodybreak commercials? For years, I’ve heard rumours about their relationship — apparent fodder for bored Canadians, even this Vancouver marketing consultant. In the past few months, I’d heard the fitness pundits had divorced, since neither seemed to appear in the same scene in recent commercials. […]

Grocers boost revenues with passive cross-sell

This week, I dashed into Safeway to pick up some paper towels. While standing in the aisle, I noticed that the left side held tissue, paper towels, and other essential sundries. On the right side, I found impulse buys, such as chips, pop, nuts, and popcorn. Brilliant. Safeway obviously realizes that, when customers pop into […]

Pushing buttons in the buyer’s brain

Can advertisers push buttons in your brain to make you buy? A study reported in The New York Times suggests that advertisers can highjack your brain circuits for memory, decision-making and self image. Neuromarketing is a controversial practice and I can’t say I’ve ever applied it in creating ads or campaigns. However, understanding buyer behaviour […]

Indie film marketing applies to any firm

Vancouver film director Lisa Jackson has found success with guerilla marketing of her short documentary Suckerfish. Jackson’s film premiered at Hot Docs this April, and has since screened at festivals in Edinburgh, Melbourne, Toronto and Vancouver — with scheduled screenings in Detroit, New York, and other cities. As an independent film maker, Jackson markets her […]

Vancouver MBA programs

Several people have asked me about Vancouver MBA programs. Accredited, recognized MBA programs in Vancouver include: Simon Fraser University (SFU) Executive MBA for seasoned managers SFU Global Asset & Wealth Management MBA SFU Management of Technology MBA SFU Specialist MBA UBC MBA Queen’s Executive MBA Many people have asked me to explain why I chose […]