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Tony Clement needs to monitor his website

Many companies put up websites, then forget about them. Let the website for Conservative Party leader candidate Tony Clement serve as a warning. The mysterious “Dark Network Hack Team” has hacked the site. Clement may not be as high profile as Stephen Harper, but that’s no reason for his team to ignore his website. The […]

Subversive marketing emerges from dark

Forbes has proclaimed ambush marketing a hot trend for 2005. That’s no surprise — companies have resorted to slick tactics for years. A few months ago, I mentioned that Vancouver’s Olympic Committee was working on plans to counter ambush marketing during the Games. However, the Forbes article portrays ambush marketing as unexpected marketing, as opposed […]

Stealing Jerry: It’s Not All Right

Jerry Garcia’s estate is suing an Atlanta burrito chain, claiming Moe’s Southwest Grill never acquired licensing rights for the use of the late Grateful Dead singer’s image. To Dead Heads, the move might seem ironic, given the Grateful Dead’s past stance on intellectual property — the band welcomed bootleg taping of concerts and turned a […]

Dijon Ketchup? Never.

Dijon ketchup. Back in the early 90s, the Barenaked Ladies released a song called “If I Had a Million Dollars”. My brother introduced me to the indie release. At the time, it caught our attention because of a line about how, if the singer had a million dollars, “I’d buy you a K-Car” — the […]

Seth Godin’s Bootstrapper’s Bible

Time has run out on marketing guru Seth Godin‘s offer for free copies of his Bootstrapper’s Bible. The ebook serves as a handy guide for anyone wanting to start a business with minimal capital. Although Godin’s offer has expired, I’ve got permission to email the guide to my contacts. If you want a copy, send […]

Business Trends for 2005: My Votes

Fast away the old year passes…hail the New Year’s marketing trends. As we ring in 2005, here are my votes for marketing trends we’ll see this year. Obesity Expanding waist-lines will expand the bottom line for businesses, as firms scramble to leverage and manage the North American obesity epidemic. Watch for growth in market categories, […]

Canadian firm chomps religious cheese sandwich

A Canadian gaming company handed over $28,000 today for a 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich purported to bear the Virgin Mary’s image. The company purchased the sandwich through an eBay auction that made headlines around the world. And it’s those headlines that likely prompted the company (which I’ll avoid naming) to make the bid. Google News […]

Measuring the value of marketing

Wondering about your return on investment for marketing? Check out this Business Week article on marketing metrics. The article notes that many marketers casually toss around terms like lifetime value and ROI without any real understanding of their meaning or application. Often touted as creative types, many marketers resist using metrics for their marketing programs […]