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Moolatte — no, no

Dairy Queen’s latest creation, the Moolatte,* is creating a stir. Aimed at drawing frapuccino lovers to DQ, the name sounds like “mulatto”. Now, I must admit that, upon first hearing “Moolatte”, my in-brain Napster engine turned on a Dean Martin rendition…”Moolatte, whoa-oh, Moolatte…oh, oh, oh, oh!” However, after seeing a couple of ads for the […]

Search engine rankings affect website traffic

Atlas DMT has released a study showing that paid search engine listings affect website traffic. Atlas measured the trade-offs between the top 10 ranks in paid listings on search engines. The study found that, in some cases, a lower ranking may be more desirable, given the costs of supporting increased traffic. Overall, marketers should expect […]

Want to know something?

Want to know something? Check Wikipedia. You’ll find 300,000 English articles — that’s five times the volume of Encyclopedia Britannica, according to The Boston Globe. And Wikipedia also offers a half-million articles in other languages. You might expect at least a penny for Wikipedia’s thoughts, but this massive online encyclopedia is free. Readers don’t pay […]

Vaccines for your marketing ails

The National Business Reviewhas an article on how “fear that immunizations were part of an American plot to make Nigerian Muslims sterile and spread HIV has led to a large outbreak of polio among children”. Nigeria now accounts for 77 percent of the world’s polio cases. The challenges faced by Nigerian health educators are, in […]

Marketing Vancouver Grizzlies to Memphis fans

Old Vancouver Grizzlies never die — they just claw their way to Memphis, Tennessee. The Vancouver Grizzlies played their last Vancouver game on April 18, 2001, later re-emerging in Tennessee. The Memphis Grizzlies unveiled their new logo in public today. Developing and marketing the new Grizzlies logo.* took three years of focus groups, NBA negotations, player feedback, staff […]

Writing copy affects search engine rankings

Many companies spend huge amounts of time and money to build flashy websites that will wow visitors. They post the site…and wait. And wait and wait and wait. No one stumbles upon the site. Why? Search engine optimization and solid copywriting skills go hand-in-hand with website development. If you haven’t build both your site and […]

What does your company do?

As newly minted homeowners, my husband and I frequently visit home centres. On a recent visit, we chatted with the cashier, who mused that she’d seen us earlier that afternoon. She innocently asked why we needed so many supplies. We explained that we recently bought a home and that we’re renovating. She looked up with […]

Marketing and Selling to Hispanic Americans

Could your company profit from marketing to the growing Hispanic American market? Today, Adweek announced plans to launch a magazine for advertisers who want to target Hispanic consumers.* Written in English, monthly Marketing y Medios will launch to 18,000 readers in September. Target audience members include corporate marketers, advertising executives and media buyers. Wondering just how […]

Tell me, don’t sell me: consumers hate marketing

This week, J. Walker Smith, president of Yankelovich Partners, warned the American Association of Advertising Agencies about increasing consumer resistance to advertising.* Yankelovich recently released a study that showed 65 percent of consumers feel that more regulations and limits should be imposed on marketing, and 61 percent feel advertising is out of control. Smith advised […]

Contextual keyword advertising

Contextual keyword advertising pioneer Vibrant Media launched IntelliTxt, a new online advertising model, this week. With Intellitxt, publishers can imbed sponsor links in articles. Just as HTML links allow users to click for contextual information on certain words or terms, contextual advertising allows users to click for more information on words in articles. Keywords are green-highlighted […]