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Microsoft Track Changes Error

Microsoft recently embarrassed itself by accidentally posting rough drafts of its marketing materials, according to Slashdot. The rough drafts can be viewed because Microsoft forgot to remove “track changes” information before posting several marketing pieces on its website. Although those changes weren’t obviously visible, you can obtain the summary of edits and other information by […]

Google hints for market research

Do you Google? Google offers its own informative guide to Google features. You can learn how to search images, street maps, “free stuff”, and news headlines — or use Google as a calculator, dictionary, or phone book. Just this month, Google introduced localized searching, although this feature is not yet available in Canada.   The […]

White House Fake News Story on Medicare

The New York Times has an article about fake news stories created by the White House to promote its new Medicare law. This takes disinformation to a new level. However, if the White House hadn’t been the culprit, I would probably be more bemused than concerned. Campaigns in recent memory include fake websites for The […]


Having worked as a consultant since 1997, I’m often asked how teleworking compares to a typical office job. In the past several years, I’ve worked with clients in California, Ontario, Georgia, and even my own city — without ever meeting them in person. I rarely give it a second thought. However, because so many people […]

Search engine optimization & rankings

Have you ever wondered how search engines rank results? Knowing search engine secrets can help you market to customers — and smart businesses are catching on. In fact, in 1997, search engine marketing was a $50k industry — today, it’s worth more than $1.6 billion, according to Jupiter Research.* Buyers frequently turn to search engines […]

Switching costs and taxes — inevitable?

It’s tax time again, and, like a lemming, I picked up a copy of Quicktax. I’ve been using it for 5 or 6 years. Before that, I used Cantax. But, at some point, Cantax wasn’t available or Quicktax had a better price — I can’t remember. All I know is that now I’m a loyal […]

Content is King — or is it?

This week, The Vancouver Sun and other CanWest network newspapers converted to an online subscription model. I just don’t get it. When I was in university, I learned that newspapers make their money by selling audience share to advertisers. What is The Sunthinking? Now maybe I’m cheap. But I’m not alone. EContentMag published a lengthy […]

Bowling Alone

Speaking of networks, a friend recently recommended Bowling Alone by Robert D. Putnam. I haven’t yet picked up the book, but I have read a few of Putnam’s articles. Dr. Putnam, a Harvard professor, claims that community bonds create a social capital. His research indicates that social capital has fallen dramatically in recent years. According to […]

Linking up with Network Effects

Social networking seems to be the next big thing for the Internet. Friendster, LinkedIn, and even Dogster have hit the scene. Heck, these days, on the Internet, everyone knows you’re a dog! Often touted as Metcalfe’s law, the mantra holds that the usefulness or value of a communication system is the square of the number of […]