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I listen to Jack FM – viral marketing or not?

I listen to Jack FM — or at least that’s what a lot of people claim. The Vancouver radio station’s “Show the World You Listen to Jack” campaign has apparently sparked a viral marketing campaign. The contest sees people compete to creatively proclaim that “I listen to Jack”. In the past few weeks, I’ve spotted: […]

Email marketing packages

Last month’s direct marketing package from Readers Digest brought me a flood of email about marketing packages. Many of the people who took the time to write wanted to know how email marketing packages differ from regular mail campaigns. As a follow-up, I’m posting some tips for email marketing packages. My post on how to […]

Blenz employees quit, creating PR issues

Four Blenz employees quit their jobs by posting a “Dear John” letter in the window of the coffee shop, according to BeyondRobson. While most of the web and blog buzz around town discusses the merits of “stick it to the Man”, worker solidarity and indentured servitude, I’m left to wonder about the PR issues this […]

Starbucks vs McDonald’s for kids

In my post about coffee cups as billboards, I mentioned that Starbucks is tapping the kids’ market. When I was last at Starbucks, I watched several kids down huge hot chocolates, complete with whip and syrup. And I had to wonder about the implications for their health. Parents have started lobbying fast food chains for […]

Coffee cup as billboard

Coffee cups and billboards now have something in common. Advertising. Starbucks and Lions Gate Films will turn coffee cups into mini billboards to promote Akeelah and the Bee, an upcoming movie. Forget Happy Meals, the new generation of movie moguls recognize that parents tow their tots to Starbucks on a regular basis. The coffee shops […]

Vancouver marketing associations

Vancouver marketing associations help many local marketers ramp up their careers. Since I’ve received a few requests for information on Vancouver and Lower Mainland marketing associations, I thought I’d post my list here. This is by no means an endorsement of any of the organizations. I simply wanted to provide some resources for Vancouver marketing […]

Marketing Plans for Service Businesses

Looking to grow your service business? Check out Marketing Plans for Service Businesses. Academic press giant Elsevier sent me a copy of the book a few weeks ago. Written by a couple of marketing professors, including a former Canada Dry marketing director, the book takes a practical approach to using marketing to improve the bottom-line […]

Vancouver direct mail from Reader’s Digest

So when is an Xpress Post not expressly an Xpress Post? Today, I received the following envelope (front,back) from Reader’s Digest. I actually received the same mailing last year, but never found the time to blog about it. At first blush, it looks like I’ve received an XpressPost, the kind that Canada Post offers. There’s […]

Vision Vancouver needs to search engine optimize

Vision Vancouver, a contender in the upcoming Vancouver city council elections, needs to optimize its website for search engines. Plunk “Vision Vancouver” into Google, and you won’t have any luck. In comparison, Vancouver COPE and Vancouver NPA are tops in Google. As for the Vision Vancouver website, you’ll find it at VoteVision.ca. But I only […]

Canadian Tire Guy’s secret life

The Canadian Tire Guy’s secret life is revealed in this Macleans piece Gill Gunson sent me. Macleans speculates that the Canadian Tire Guy is a high school geography teacher whose history of domestic bliss is precarious at best: “It can’t be easy, even for a fictional character, to have a mid-life crisis play out on […]